Training for SOTR

So, you’re considering Storming of Thunder Ridge? Great!

Perhaps SOTR will be your first charity ride, first 75 miler or first Century. Or, maybe it’s been a while since you’ve been on your bike. Either way, you should have a plan to achieve your goal.

Yeah, that entails training. You do want to finish SOTR with minimal discomfort, right?

Here are some straight-forward tips:

Commit – There’s no greater motivator than getting some skin in the game, circling the SOTR ride date on the calendar and telling your friends you’re riding SOTR.

Find A Buddy –  There’s a high likelihood that you can find someone who will join you in training and riding SOTR. Think of a consistent riding partner as insurance against bagging training rides. Besides, it’s less lonely and safer to ride in pairs.

Ride with focus – If you are riding the Century, then you need to improve your endurance and climbing ability.  So be sure to include shorter,yet more intense climbing rides during the week and then continue to increase your ride time out to 5-6 hours on one day during the weekend, so that you’ll be both mentally and physically prepared for the effort.  If you are doing the 75miler or the Mountain, you’ll need to focus on the same thing during the week, and execute some great climbing repeats with intensity in order to prepare yourself for the climb. You will still need to make sure your endurance is up to the challenge, but not as much is needed as for the Century ride. So plan your long ride on one day during the weekend to increase up to 4 hours. This should be enough to have you finish strong.   Time in the saddle is the single most important key to your ride success. You don’t have to ride 50+ miles every day; just ride more. Try to get in three “short” rides during the week that are more intense, include some hill repeats, or intervals up to 10 minutes continuously and one “long” ride on the weekend. Do not think so much about mileage rather than hours. The Century ride could be as long as 7-8 hours here in the mountains, whereas if you did one on the coast, you might finish it in 4.5 hours.

GET A TRAINING PLAN or a COACH – Contact our partner for training plans designed especially for SOTR  – Peaks Coaching Group  — for coaching services click here .

For more training tips, Bicycling offers a helpful, multi-week plan that can be modified for the route you choose.

Hunter Allen