Hello SOTR Climbers!

SOTR is approaching and many of you have LOTS of Questions.

1.  The weather keeps changing, so don’t worry about it, let’s just plan on having a great ride!!!

2.  If it is raining (highly unlikely :)) , are we cancelling the ride — NO —   This is a rain or shine event.   It will be your decision to ride — you may change your mileage choice at anytime.    So if the weather is WET and/or COLD – please dress accordingly —   the mountain is usually about 10-15 degrees colder than at the start.   A rain jacket, leg warmers, full fingered gloves, vests, any form of cold weather clothing should be packed in your bag.   We will have opportunities to turn in your layers at the bottom of the mountain so you won’t have to haul it the whole ride.

3.  CAMPING — can you change from OUTDOOR camping to INDOOR Camping — Yes — $10 fee will be accepted – cash, check or charge.  OUTDOOR CAMPERS can SET UP CAMP on the FIELDS anytime AFTER 4PM — sorry we have our last soccer game at 2:30pm..  Indoor campers have access to the faciity after the Y closes at 6PM.

4.  Bib Numbers will be handed out at packet-pickup — we like our riders to wear them on their backside so we can keep track of you along the course. If you decide to change your distance prior to roll, please update your bib number with the appropriate distance sticker..

5.  Our Rest Stops will be supplied with HEED  (mandarin orange and lemon lime (each rest stop will have one of those flavors)) – if you prefer other hydration, please bring your own mix – we will have water at each stop.  Food will be choices of Bananas, Oranges, Pineapple, Potatoes, Nuts, Raisins, Granola bars, GU, Hammer Gels,  home-made cookies, fig bars, salty choices (pretzels, chips, Chex mix, pickles) — please note that each rest stop will have bananas – but the other items will be randomly placed at rest stops so you don’t get tired of the same choices..   A few stops will have COKE – please only drink 6 oz or LESS so not to upset your stomach.   I would carry a few gels in your pocket in-case you get hungry in-between rest stops..  New this year — 3 stops will have PICKLE JUICE and all stops will have mustard.

6.  We will have SAG drivers on all the routes.   The SAG coordinator’s number is printed on the cue sheets and on your wrist band.

7.  PACKET PICKUP & Registration — Saturday from 4PM – 8PM JAMERSON YMCA..   Jersey order #1 (prior to March 23rd ) and Stickers will be ready for pickup too.    Hunter Allen’s Talk will be at 4:45PM SATURDAY.   PACKET PICKUP & Registration on SUNDAY — 6:45AM – 7:30AM  —  DAY OF REGISTRATION is ACCEPTED!

For more information to have a great ride, please read the articles on our website.

See you soon!



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